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Private Mortgage Funds

Private Mortgage Funds

Private mortgage loans are an excellent method of getting cash quickly for almost any purpose. Whether you are purchasing your first home or taking out a second mortgage, this type of mortgage solution works well for those don’t qualify for a regular mortgage. Borrowers who need money quickly can also profit from a private mortgage loan since funds can be made available within a week or so.

I Got A Mortgage Inc. understands that conventional banks turn away far too many individuals who are willing and able to make their payments on time each month. A large number of Canadians simply don’t qualify for the normal mortgage financing opportunities available today. That’s why we have put together an amazing network of lenders who can work with all types of situations.

At I Got A Mortgage Inc. you may be able to borrow in order to refinance an existing loan, purchase a new home or improve your current property by adding a room or renovating. We also offer second mortgage loan options.
As experienced mortgage brokers, you can be sure that you are working with a reputable company that will not take advantage of your situation by charging exorbitant rates and fees. Our loan personnel will research the markets and your specific situation to help you get the best rate possible.

Don’t work with unscrupulous mortgage lenders who are only in it for the money! I Got A Mortgage Inc. prides itself on offering honest, professional mortgage services to Canadians. We give you friendly customer service and the benefit of years of experience in the mortgage loan industry. We will work quickly and efficiently to see that you get the rates, terms, and conditions that you require.

When you don’t have time to wait several weeks to get the money you need from a bank or trust company, a private mortgage loan is the answer. When you can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage loan, a private mortgage loan is the perfect solution. Contact I Got A Mortgage Inc. today to learn more.